Values-Driven, Service-Oriented

You are guaranteed a first-class real estate experience delivered with honesty, integrity and authenticity.

Service is Our Purpose

Every day for the past 30, we choose to be of service and to lead by example.

I strive to set an example for my children and grandchildren to always be of service and keep growing and going.

That no matter your situation, health, or wealth, you can always be of service.

High-Performing Team and Community Partners

Transformation is Our Mission

When buying my first home, I ended up representing myself because there wasn’t a real estate agent that could provide any additional information and support than what I already knew. 

It became my mission to elevate the standards, expectations, trustworthiness and transparency of the real estate industry. 

The only way this can be accomplished is by assembling a stellar team of local real estate professionals from videographers, stagers, lenders, transaction coordinators, showing agents…the list goes on with so many people working behind the scenes for your home.

Because of this strong foundation and having adult children who are now able to take care of themselves, I am able to invest time towards the community. I’m active in The Church of St. Paul in The Desert to stay connected to my neighbors, and the local government department of land and zoning to understand how real estate is affected by socio-political affairs.